Dog Shelter Szentgotthárd!

Around 1995 a group of dedicated dog owners started to organize a civil group. Its main profile was educational; advice on keeping dogs, discussing problems and organising free time activities and events. After the necessary legal steps and founding documents on the 28th of April with 14 members the Kutyabarátok Egyesüle (Society of Dog Lovers) was officially founded.

The society was finally legalized through the Hungarian court the same year in August. The next step was to find a location where all the planned events could be held without disturbing the neighbours. After a short search a deserted old military shooting range was found. First it was rented out, later through a tender won ownership owner the property. This is still monitored by the origin owners, governing body for properties of the Hungarian state.

Since 2002 the organization is registered as a non profit organisation so 1% of the Hungarian citizen’s yearly tax can be donated to the organization. Thanks to this, many dogs were saved from putting down and found loving new owners. Stray dogs form Szentgotthárd and the neighbouring villages can be taken in and re-homed, of course within reason and available space.


This fact is getting around and more and more people and even the council calling us to collect dogs and find them new homes. We try to find the best solution for every animal. With the major help of the local council we could put a fence around the property, shrubs and trees were cleared off and a new agility course was built. There are more hard work ahead to complete our plans, refurbishments and building of new kennels. To help this all come through we are grateful for every donation coming form an individuals or organizations. We would like to set an example how we can better the levels the animal welfare in shelters and adoption inHungary.